10,000 participants have registered for the Open Doors Olympiad 2019

Only a third of Open Doors first stage has passed, but more than 10,000 participants from 162 countries have already registered for the Olympiad. To put this in context, a year ago there were only 3,5K participants at this point.

Most popular subject areas this year are Engineering and Technology (1899 participants) together with Business and Management (1814 participants), followed by Computer and Data Science (1386 participants), Political Science (1195 participants), Biology (835 participants), Economics (755 participants), Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence (632 participants), Linguistics and Modern Languages (604 participants), Psychology (531 participants), Chemistry (359 participants) and Physics (337 participants).

The first stage will go on for another month and a half. 1836 participants have already started uploading their portfolios, and 1694 people chose more than one or even two profiles. The competition is intense, but there’s still plenty of time left. All portfolios will be examined equally, so everyone has a chance. So if you want to apply but are not sure if you can handle it - we recommend to get rid of all doubts and register this very day!

You can see the detailed schedule here.