Two universities-organizers of the Olympiad feature among the world’s 100 best universities Times Higher Education’s subject rankings

November 6, 2019 Times Higher Education (THE) has released THE World University Rankings by subjects: Business & Economics, Education, Law, and Social Sciences. Russia is represented by eight universities, six of which are universities-organizers of the Olympiad.

Two universities universities-organizers of the Olympiad are among the world’s 100 best universities: HSE in Business and Economics (94th position), KFU in Education (94th position). Both universities climbed up from the group 101-125.НSE University holds leading positions in three of the published subjects.

HSE-University is also a leader among Russian universities in Social Sciences, entering the world's 175 best universities. In addition, the university entered the ranking in Law (151+ cohort) for the first time representing Russia in this subject.

In addition to KFU, the subject ranking Education includes three universities-organizers of the Olympiad: SPbPU (301-400), UrFU (401+) and TSU (401+). It should be noted that SPbPU and UrFU are represented in this ranking for the first time.

Three universities-organizers of the Olympiad became newcomers to Business and Economics ranking: SPbPU (251-300), RUDN University (301-400) and UrFU (401-500). Another university-organizer of the Olympiad - KFU is also represented in the ranking (301-400).

In addition to HSE- University, four other universities-organizers of the Olympiad are also included in the subject ranking Social Sciences: KFU (401-500), RUDN (501-600), TSU (501-600) and UrFU (601 +). Moreover, RUDN University was included in this rating for the first time.

Two other Russian universities have been listed in rankings: MSU (Business and Economics (126-150), Education (201-250), Social Sciences (401-500)) and SPbSU (Business and Economics (301-400) and Social Sciences (401-500)).

Times Higher Education uses the same 13 performance metrics as for its overall university rankings but adjusts their weightings to reflect the specifics of the subject area. These indicators fall into five broad categories: teaching; research; citations; international outlook; and industry income.