Winners and prize-winners announced

The day has come! We are finally revealing the names of Open Doors Olympiad winners and prize-winners. You can find the lists on each of the Subject Area pages on our website.

Winners and prize-winners are two different categories: winners get free tuition while prize-winners get various discounts and benefits (depending on which of our 21 organizing universities they choose). But, which is even more important, they are next in line for free tuition in case one or more winners aren’t able to come to Russia.

We know from experience that for various reasons every year some of the winners waive their right to use our scholarships. So, if you are a prize-winner, we strongly recommend that you follow the steps described below, because you still have a very real chance to get a free scholarship from Open Doors. 

We estimate that up to 80% of all prize-winners will get our scholarships. Those who are selected will be informed on March 20.

So, here’s what to do next if you are a winner or a prize-winner of the Open Doors Olympiad:

Find the “Personal information package of the winner/prize-winner of the Olympiad” in your profile on our website. 
Fill out the questionnaire.
Upload the required documents.
Choose your preferred Subject Area and your preferred universities.
Wait for the confirmation letter and be prepared to correct any mistakes we might find in your docs.

Personal information of the winner/prize-winner of the Olympiad is required for the preparation and verification of the documents to confirm the right to free education in Russia. 

IMPORTANT: This info must be submitted correctly before March 5. You won’t get a chance to submit your application after this date. 

Please read all the instructions carefully, because it is very important that all submitted documents meet the necessary requirements.

In case you have any further questions, do not hesitate to write to us at