The first stage of the Open Doors Olympiad is over

The individual results and the number of points gained are published in the participants' personal accounts. The lists of participants who have moved on to the second stage are also published on their chosen subjects' pages. The lists are arranged according to the number of points gained: the participants with the highest scores go first.

A total of 8,273 people were admitted to the second stage. The distribution by profile is as follows:

Business & Management 1,278 people admitted;

Biology & Biotechnology 515 people admitted;

Engineering & Technology 1310 people admitted;

Clinical medicine & Public Health 919 people admitted;

Cognitive Neuroscience & Psychology 221 people admitted;

Computer & Data Science 674 people admitted;

Linguistics & Literary Studies 434 people admitted;

Mathematics & Artificial Intelligence 249 people admitted;

Earth Sciences 331 people admitted;

Education 581 people admitted;

Politics & International Studies 601 people admitted;

Physical Sciences 271 people admitted;

Chemistry & Material Sciences 316 people admitted;

Economics & Econometrics 573 people admitted;

Registration and timing for the second stage is now open for participants. The deadline for registration for the second round is January 8, 23:59 Moscow time (UTC +3).