The second stage of the Olympiad is over

All exams (including additional attempts scheduled on reserve days) have been completed.

Participants who did not qualify for the second stage or were unable to complete the exams for whatever reason will be contacted shortly by the universities selected at registration to offer alternative enrolment options.

For those who have completed the exam(s), the results and personal grades will be published in their personal accounts on February 2 - after all papers have been checked.

The final results for the Master's track (lists of winners and runners-up based on their scores in the first and second stages), as well as lists of participants admitted to the third stage of the doctoral track, will be published on February 10 on the Olympiad profiles.

After the results of the second stage have been published, the details of the third stage will be sent to the participants to the email addresses indicated during registration. The registration for the third stage will begin on the 17th of February and continue until the 21st of February inclusive. The detailed schedule of the Olympiad can be found here: