The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia is improving the formats of work abroad and the system of allocation of quotas for foreigners to study

 "We have several major tracks planned. The first track is to expand the presence of Russian education abroad, but not in the form of classical branches of universities. We need new formats, they are now being developed in an interesting realistic way. At the end of May, we plan to defend them in the government and begin implementation. The second track is to improve the system of quotas for foreign students to study in Russia to improve the quality of their selection, "- said Deputy Minister.

Konstantin Mogilevsky also met with foreign students and graduate students who came to Tomsk from Vietnam, Indonesia, Africa, Latin America, Egypt, Laos, Slovenia, Syria, Mongolia, China, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. He discussed employment, support programs for foreign students, and socio-cultural adaptation with them. 

About 350 thousand foreigners are studying in Russian universities today, 200 thousand of them come from Central Asia. The number of foreign students at TSU is more than 3,500.