The President of Russia signed a decree on the launch of a pilot project to change the levels of professional education

It provides for two levels of higher education - basic and specialized (master's degree). 

The terms of study are: 

- Basic - 4 to 6 years, 
- specialized - from one to three years, depending on the field of study. 

Postgraduate studies are allocated as a separate level of professional education. 

The introduction of the new levels will first take place in six universities:
- Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University,
- Moscow Aviation Institute,
- National Research Technological University "MISIS",
- Moscow State Pedagogical University,
- St. Petersburg Mining University,
- National Research Tomsk State University. 

 "Today six universities have been identified, and starting from this year they will already, within the framework of the new approach, organize admission for training. This will give universities the opportunity to work with their programs and consider the terms of training, adjusting them depending on the needs of the employer, "- said the head of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia Valery Falkov.

The Minister noted that the students currently studying and those entering the program will have additional opportunities and will not face any difficulties.