More and more applicants from African countries are enrolling in Russian universities

Today, the number of African students in Russia exceeds 34.3 thousand, which is 4.3 thousand more than a year earlier. They are interested in specialties necessary for the development of vital industries on the continent.

Popular universities among the entrants:

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia named after Patrice Lumumba: in this admission campaign, the majority of the applications were received from prospective students from Egypt, Nigeria, Zambia, Chad, Algeria and Morocco. About 400 people have already been enrolled. In total, the university amounts about 3 thousand students from 54 African countries. 

St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI": the current population of 23 African countries is 120 students; in the admission campaign of 2023 more than 130 people applied to LETI, with 28 have already been enrolled, the final numbers will be announced in September.  

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University: 276 students from 36 African countries are studying there. This year 59 students have been admitted to SPbPU.