A meeting of the Joint Russian-Malaysian Commission on Economic, Scientific, Technical and Cultural Cooperation was held in Kuala Lumpur.

Speaking to journalists, Valery Falkov said that the parties focused on specific areas for joint work: 
- in the field of humanitarian cooperation it is planned to develop academic mobility, launch new joint scientific and technological projects between the universities of the two countries, promote the Russian language in Malaysia and the Malay language in Russia, 

- The work in the field of food security and supplies of agricultural products is progressing. Russian enterprises receive Halal certification. An agreement was reached to increase the number of such enterprises and the range of agricultural products to be mutually supplied to our countries, 

- A solid basis for the development of Islamic cooperation was noted, 

- The sides are interested in creating conditions for increasing the number of tourists in both countries. A number of issues were discussed at the meeting - from simplification of visa regime to creation of more comfortable conditions for the work of airlines of both countries, 

- prospects for cooperation in other spheres and industries were outlined (in particular, the climate agenda and climate regulation), 

- The Russian delegation invited foreign colleagues to a number of major events to be held in Russia in 2024. In particular, to the first ever international multi-sport tournament "Games of the Future".