Support Open Doors Olympiad in Znanie Award People’s vote!

The Graduate Scholarship Project Open Doors has been established to popularize and promote Russian higher education and science, contributing to attracting foreign talents to Russia. Thanks to Open Doors, 3 million people from 200 countries learned about Russian scientists, scientific projects, universities, culture and cities. Over the years of the Olympiad, 350 thousand people took part in intellectual competitions in 14 Subjects for admission to the Master’s and PhD level of Russian universities; 5 thousand winners and prize-winners received a scholarship of the Government of the Russian Federation. 

We hope that with your participation in online People’s vote the Olympiad will get this honored Award.

Your vote will increase the chances of talented foreign entrants to study at the Master’s and PhD level in the leading Russian universities! 


You can vote for Open Doors in the People’s vote in social network VK.


How to proceed?


If you have a VK profile, you need to do the following steps: follow the link, click «Sign up» and follow the registration procedure specified on the site.

If you have a VK profile, you need to do the following steps: 

1)    Click on the link

2)    Among the nominations choose the one in International Relations: За вклад в просвещение в сфере«Международные отношения»


3)    Go to the section Project «Проект», where you will see the Open Doors logo, click on the button of participation in the voting «Участвовать в голосовании» 


4)    Click on the logo Open Doors и push the button to vote «Проголосовать»


Here you can also watch the video-presentation of the Project, by clicking on the button «подробнее».


The vote is counted after the Vote button "Проголосовать" is deactivated and "Голос отдан" appears.

Your vote is important! 

Open the doors of education and science to talented students from around the world. Support Open Doors Olympiad!