Russian universities pay tribute to Students’ Day

The tradition of celebrating Students’ Day does not only continue but also evolves in Russian

universities. For instance, at Tomsk State University, students have been extending greetings to

their professors, peers, and all students (past and present) for the second consecutive year by

sending and distributing special cards called tatiankas. These cards bring back joyful memories

of student life and also feature heartfelt wishes.

At Tomsk Polytechnic University, the celebration takes the form of Student Night, with

workshops, eSports competitions, movie screenings, food, and contests. In addition, January

25th is declared the Day of Forgiving Library Debts, allowing students to return overdue books

(not only theirs but also those of their groupmates and friends) without penalties.

The Ural Federal University celebrates the occasion with the inauguration of a new student co-

working space, organized in collaboration with one of the university's industrial partners.

The Far Eastern Federal University presents a dynamic array of events, featuring interactive

stations, an alcohol-free bar, lively photo zones, an exuberant festive concert, and an award

ceremony to honour outstanding students.

ITMO University is delighted to declare complimentary admission for all students and individuals

bearing the name Tatiana to both the St. Petersburg Oceanarium and the Russian Railway

Museum. Students can enjoy substantial discounts at numerous recreational and entertainment

venues, ranging from museums and planetariums to cinemas and botanical gardens.

Moscow Polytechnic University presents an enticing array of perks for students in Moscow,

including complimentary access to Moscow ice rinks, exclusive discounts on restaurant menus,

budget-friendly rides on cable cars, and the unique opportunity to savour breathtaking views

from the city's largest Ferris wheel.

At Bauman Moscow State Technical University, students can enjoy substantial discounts ranging

from 30% to 50% on food and beverages at all on-campus cafeterias, food courts, and cafes.

Meanwhile, at Novosibirsk State University, the day is marked by a nostalgic celebration,

featuring a journey through the university's history with a focus on its inaugural students from

the 1960s. The event includes an exploration of archival photos and an invitation to a film

screening that captures different moments of student life.

Samara University also explores the archival theme by encouraging students to discover

archival photos of their professors and other university staff.

In Nizhny Novgorod, there are so many Students’ Day events that Nizhny Novgorod State

University has to release a detailed program of celebration and even draw an interactive map.

The Higher School of Economics starts its celebration a day earlier with the traditional university

festival Student Night on January 24th at the Pokrovsky Boulevard campus. More than sixty

student organizations collaborate to offer interactive programs, quizzes, masterclasses, and

various activities. The university atrium hosts a concert program, and, of course, a disco adds

to the lively atmosphere. The holiday even has a separate Telegram-channel.