4 new universities joined the Association of Global Universities

National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering is one of the leading universities in Russia in the field of civil engineering. The main profile of MGSU is civil engineering.  MGSU trains engineers in 21 specialties, bachelors and masters in 7 fields, PhD and doctoral candidates in 40 specialties. Almost 17 000 students study at the university. This year, 3 potential research supervisors are represented from MGSU in the Open Doors Olympiad.

Moscow State Institute of International Relations is the leading socio-economic and humanitarian university in the country with unique international competencies. There are 55 foreign languages taught at MGIMO, which is a Guinness record. The main focus of MGIMO is international relations. Today MGIMO students are almost 9.5 thousand people. This year 9 potential research supervisors are represented from MGIMO in the Open Doors Olympiad.

Moscow Polytechnic University traces its history back to 1865.  Moscow Polytechnic University is one of the largest multidisciplinary institutions in Russia and an innovation center. Moscow Polytechnic University focuses on STEAM education (meaning a mixed environment in which students begin to understand how scientific methods can be applied in practice), attracted by a variety of programs, including transport, mechanical engineering, chemical technology and biotechnology, information technology, urban studies, economics and management, printing, media and journalism. It was originally established as the University of Mechanical Engineering. Moscow Polytechnic University has more than 14,000 students. This year, 3 potential research supervisors are represented from Moscow Polytechnic University in the Open Doors Olympiad.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University is one of the leading technical universities in the country. The university has been training engineers since 1830. To this day, the university offers a large number of courses in a wide range of fields. The key feature of training is the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. The university is engaged in research and development. Initially created as a craft educational institution, and in the twentieth century the Faculty of Advanced Rocket Research was created. More than 23,000 students are studying at MSTU today.