Potential research supervisors of the MAI

MAI is developing new research areas such as mathematical modeling, polymer composite materials, unmanned aerial vehicles and electrification of engineering systems. The University is also actively involved in the development and implementation of new information technologies and cybersecurity. 

In the Engineering and Technology profile, MAI is represented by the following potential research supervisors: Arseny Babaytsev studies deformed solid mechanics and testing. Vladimir Busurin specializes in sensor technologies. Jahid Gueresh is a specialist in aerodynamics. Galina Maslennikova studies objective control equipment. Evgeny Neretin's research interests include integrated onboard information-measuring and control systems. Yury Solyaev studies mechanics of composite materials. 

Sergey Ivanov represents MAI in the subject "Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence". His research interests include stochastic programming problems with probabilistic criteria, sampling methods of discretization, stochastic problems of two-level optimization and game theory, mathematical modeling. 

Bondarenko Liubov is a potential research supervisor in the subject "Chemistry and Material Sciences", specializing in the preparation and characterization of hybrid functional nanocomposite materials with anti-/prooxidant, detoxifying and other properties; ecotoxicological evaluation of functional nanomaterials; development of drugs for biomedical purposes.