Russia Day is celebrated today

The holiday called ‘Russia Day’ was first celebrated about 30 years ago. This significant celebration for all citizens of the country is connected with the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty in 1990. On Russia Day, thematic celebrations are held all over the country. The main venue of the celebration in the capital from year to year remains the Red Square, where not only festive events (for example, a concerts with the participation of leading artists of the country), but also a colourful fireworks display take place.


For the holiday, we have prepared a selection of interesting facts about Russia:

1) Russia is the only country surrounded by twelve seas.

2) St. Petersburg has three times more bridges than Venice. Based on the number of canals and bridges, it is more appropriate to call St. Petersburg ‘Northern Venice’ and Venice itself ‘South St. Petersburg’.

3) The Moscow Kremlin is the largest medieval fortress in the world. The total length of its walls is 2235 metres.

4) Trains in the Moscow Metro run more frequently than in any other metro in the world. During rush hours, the interval between trains is 90 seconds.

5) Russian scientists have invented many useful things such as an electric light bulb, a television set, an electronic microscope, a helicopter, a bomber, a video recorder, a caterpillar tractor, a colour photograph, a model of an artificial heart, a petrol engine and others.