St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University LETI named after V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin) celebrates its 138th anniversary

Today the university is one of the leading universities in Russia, is included in prestigious international rankings, is a leader in the development of innovative technologies, and trains new generation engineers for the country. We share interesting facts from the history and life of LETI:

1)A whole bunch of outstanding scientists worked at the university - from Alexander Popov, inventor of radio, to Zhores Alfyorov, Nobel laureate in physics.

2)Valentin Vologdin, who worked at LETI for more than 30 years, was called Hitler's personal enemy. He created a laboratory and workshop for high-frequency hardening and developed a method of surface treatment of war machine parts. High-frequency electric hardening sharply reduced the time of parts machining, increased their hardness and wear resistance. The machining cycle of one of the most important parts was reduced from 30 hours to 37 seconds! It was said about the scientist: "He was not at the Kursk Bulge, but thanks to him the enemy was defeated".

3) On the first anniversary of the October Revolution the university was named after Vladimir Lenin. The leader of the proletariat repeatedly visited ETI in 1905-1907 - he hid from persecution by the tsarist police and held talks with Bolshevik students.

4)On the territory of the university in the year of its 130th anniversary a "time capsule" was laid near the monument to A.S. Popov. Inside it is a message to students of the future and the anniversary issue of the newspaper Elektrik, which will be read in the year of LETI's 200th anniversary.