Less than a month left to register in the Open Doors Olympiad: more than 35 000 people from 187 countries already signed up

As of now, more than 35 000 people from 187 countries have signed up for the Olympiad. There is less than a month left before the registration deadline, but this is already more than the overall number of last year’s participants!

The most popular subject areas so far are Engineering & Technology, Business & Management, Computer & Data Science, and Biology & Biotechnology. Almost a third of the participants have chosen multiple subject areas.

The competition is intense, but there’s still plenty of time left. All portfolios will be examined equally, so everyone has a chance. So if you want to apply but are not sure if you can handle it - we recommend to get rid of all doubts and register this very day!

You can see the detailed schedule here: https://od.globaluni.ru/en/#schedule