The 1st Round of the Open Doors Scholarship Project is over. Applications are no longer accepted

All unfinished and unsubmitted portfolios have been submitted automatically. They will be checked and graded along with portfolios that were completed and submitted correctly. This means that if for some reason you’ve failed to complete and submit your portfolio - you will still have a chance to advance to the second round.

Usually no more than 45% of the first-round participants who completed their portfolios are accepted into the second round. If you are not among those selected - we encourage you to keep preparing and try again in 2021. You will have a higher chance next year since you already know the requirements.

The results of portfolio grading will be available on December 25 both in your accounts on and on individual subject area pages.

The second round itself, which is a proctored online exam, will commence on January 11. More details will be published later.