The results of the 1st round of the Olympiad have been published

Your personal result and score can be found in your account.

The lists of participants who have advanced into stage 2 are also published on their respective subject area pages. The lists are made in accordance with the scores - the highest scorers are on top.

Biology & Biotechnology:

Computer & Data Science:

Mathematics & Artificial Intelligence:

Business & Management:

Politics & International Studies:

Neuroscience & Psychology:

Physical Sciences:

Linguistics & Modern Languages:

Chemistry & Materials Science:

Economics & Econometrics:

Engineering & Technology:

Clinical Medicine & Public Health:

Earth Sciences:


Registration and time slot choosing will be available next week. Please don’t try to register now, we’ll send you the detailed instructions and schedule in a couple of days.

If you didn’t score enough points - we regret that and encourage you to keep preparing and try again next year.