The largest universities named the most popular specialties of the year

Informatics (information security, computer science) became the most popular direction in technical and natural science universities in 2021, for which most documents for admission have been submitted. It ranks first or second in the top training areas of several universities at once - HSE, SPbPU, ITMO, MISIS, NSU, FEFU. Engineering (software engineering) is the second most popular field of study at most universities. The third place in the specialized technical universities is also often occupied by the specialty related either to computer science or applied mathematics. Otherwise, the second and third places are shared by the traditional specialties of a university: for example, for Tomsk Polytechnic University it is oil and gas and electric power engineering; for MISIS it is materials science. At the Higher School of Economics marketing and market analytics are in the lead, and foreign languages are at the bottom of the top-3.

Economics, management and law also remain popular. These fields are most popular with applicants from Higher School of Economics, Boris Yeltsin UrFU and FEFU. In a number of universities, the top three also include areas related to linguistics - in particular, this is observed in St. Petersburg State University, UrFU, and FEFU. Another field in demand is medicine - at Sechenov University and RUDN.

Only RUDN named advertising, public relations and journalism as popular fields of study.