Universities - participants of the "Priority 2030" program told about their achievements in science

17-year-old Anastasia Zhuravleva suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. Now the patient has hope - a drug developed by the Institute of Translational Medicine and Biotechnology of Sechenov University. The drug is much safer than any analogs existing in the world, the Izvestia TV channel reports.

"Our drug will affect the receptor that causes the disease. It will not have those side effects that are characteristic of currently available drugs," said Vladimir Trukhan, deputy director of the institute.

Sechenov University is a participant in the Priority 2030 program. The project is implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science and started in June 2021.

Kant Baltic Federal University has its own scientific breakthrough. Employees use spectrographs to study platelets. The method makes it possible to diagnose cardiovascular diseases.

"We are really ahead of the world. And there are no groups of scientists in the world who have advanced so far in the study of platelets using Raman light scattering techniques," said Vladimir Rafalsky, director of the Kant BFU Center for Clinical Research.

A total of 121 Russian universities joined the Priority 2030 program. Doctors are already very interested in its achievements.