106 universities joined the Priority 2030 program

106 Russian universities became participants of the state program "Priority 2030". The main goal of the project is to change the standard teaching model.

Thanks to the program, the universities will be able to get new technologies and tools. The Ministry of Education and Science will allocate from 100 million to 1 billion rubles for its implementation.

"The key task of the program is transformation. In 10 years, universities should not only implement some educational programs or scientific projects, but also become new and different. That's why for students, the "Priority 2030" program means a possibility to learn a lot of new things, to study in a new way, to master fundamentally new professions, to be involved in serious science," said Vladimir Avdeeenko, director of the Directorate for Agricultural and Biotechnological Technologies of Innopraktika, a member of the selection committee for the "Priority 2030" program.

Branch and regional universities participate in the program. Every year the universities have to report on the results of their work.