Center for assessment and development of competencies for students created in Tomsk

Students will be tested in leadership and management skills and competencies. Based on the results of the testing, a student profile will be built, on the basis of which he will be offered options for forming a personal educational trajectory and help select educational programs, RIA "Tomsk" reports.

"We decided that at TPU, the center will be implemented in a network format. This concept fully corresponds to TPU's strategic bet on replicating the best models of engineering education within the Priority 2030 program," noted Denis Chaikovsky, Director of TPU School of Basic Engineering Training.

As a reminder, the Intellect Youth Innovation Creativity Center moved into the tenth building of Tomsk State University (TSU) from the Special Economic Zone (SEZ). In the center students of TSU will be able to engage in their own projects related to the application of high technology.

There are plans to start doing projects with other universities in the near future. The center now has teams from TSU working on the development of drones for cargo delivery and studying the effect of motor skills on cognitive connections. The center also cooperates with Tomsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (TSAGU) - there are plans to create furniture made of luminous concrete for Tomsk institutions and public places.