Open Doors stage 2 has begun

Stage 2 consists of online proctored exams that are the same for participants of both master’s and doctoral tracks. This year marks the first time when the participants can choose between two proctoring system operators - Examus and Exams.mipt. All exams are held remotely, enabling the participants to take them in the comfort of their homes. 

Stage 2 exams are held from January 12 to January 26. Each subject area exam happens on a predetermined date within which the participants can choose a suitable time. The participants have 180 minutes to finish all the tasks. Detailed schedule of the exams can be found here.

On February 10, the results will be announced, after which on February 22 lists of the winners and prize-winners of the master’s track will be finalized, as well as lists of stage 3 participants in the doctoral track. The number of winners in each subject area will depend on the general average results of each exam.