Master's track: winners' documents are sent to the universities

Dear MASTER’S TRACK participants!

We thank everyone for the timely uploading of the Open Doors Olympiad winner/prize-winner required documents. Your papers have been sent to the university you selected as your first priority. After March 22, the university will contact you to give you further instructions and/or ask to add or replace faulty documents. The contact info of your university representatives has been sent to you via email.

If you know which documents you failed to upload or which documents are filled in incorrectly, and also if you can already see some commentaries about your documents in your personal account - you can start preparing the correct versions. 

All corrected and additional documents will need to be sent directly to the university - there is no need to upload anything else on the Open Doors website. All further communication about admissions, acquiring a visa, coming to Russia and all studies arrangements will be from now on conducted directly with the university.

DOCTORAL TRACK participants should go on with the interviews and hold on to their prepared documents - they will be sent directly to the university once you find your supervisor.

If you participated in both tracks and uploaded the documents, you’ll need to choose your track after stage 3 interviews end.