UTMN goes green

For two years, UTMN volunteers have been realizing an environmental project “5R” (Refuse, Reduсe, Reuse, Recycle, Recover), initiated by Hussein Sadykhov, a student of the UTMN Institute of Chemistry. Currently, Ekaterina Mogilnaya, a student of the UTMN Institute of Biology and alumnus of the Russia Youth Environmental Program, manages the project that aims to form and develop environmental thinking of UTMN students and staff.

Separate collection of waste plastic and paper is now available at the UTMN Institute of Biology, Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Institute of Earth Sciences, and Institute of Finance and Economics.

Despite there is a waste sorting plant in Tyumen, separate waste collection is still very important, as the quality of materials after the plant sorting is worse due to contamination by non-recyclable or food waste. Separate waste collection helps to reduce the amount of waste landfilled in the region and therefore reduces environmental pollution. By sorting waste materials, it is possible to save up to 70% of money spent on mixed waste management services.


The lists of participants of the final round have been published
The lists of participants of the final round have been published on the pages of subject areas:
- biology
business and management
computer science
philology & linguistics
politics & international studies
- psychology.

The final round of the Olympiad is held from February 18, 2019 to March 7, 2019 in the proctoring form in accordance with the schedule of the Olympiad.

The schedule of the final round for each subject area is available on the website of the Olympiad. There are 3 hours to pass the tasks in each subject area.

To take part in the final round, participants are requested to fill out the registration form in their personal account and provide the following information: all passport details and a valid photo or a scanned copy of the passport of good quality and resolution for establishing the participant’s identity. Participants who are invited to take part in the final round but who have failed to provide the required information within the established time are not allowed to take part in the final round.

After providing the required information on the "Final Round" page of the Olympiad website, all participants will be sent the Technical Regulations for the final round.

At the scheduled time, participants of the final round are to enter the Olympiad electronic platform using the link on the Olympiad website. Participants should log in using their username and password. After that, they have to complete the identification procedure: they are to look straight into the webcam of their computer or a laptop for 1-3 minutes and keep their passport, which they had previously uploaded to their personal account, next to their face.

UTMN linguist develops a course for international students

UTMN professor Ekaterina Lobanova has developed a course for international students interested in studying the Russian language – “Theater in Russian”. Students of the American University of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan) became the first ones to take the course.

The course also helps in training pronunciation, articulation and intonation. Moreover, it prepares for working in a Russian-speaking team. The classes includes both group and individual work. Despite the course aims to unleash students’ creative potential, there are no specific theatrical qualifications required.