Potential research supervisors of SSMU

More than 6000 students from 61 regions of Russia and 28 foreign countries study at the University. SSMU successfully operates a world-class simulation training center, which is one of the two centers in the Russian Federation that received accreditation from the European Society for Simulation in Medicine (SESAM). The University also has a large museum complex, where students have the opportunity to study on the basis of unique exhibits, the collections of which have been formed over 120 years. Some of the exhibits are the only specimens in the world.

4 potential research supervisors of SSMU are represented in the 2023 Olympiad.

Ludmila Spirina studies biochemical and biological bases of nanoengineering of medical materials, biochemical, molecular-biological and immunological features of chronic non-infectious and infectious human diseases on the background of metabolic disorders, leads scientific projects "Determination of circulating tumor biomarkers on the basis of NGS sequencing for diagnosis and therapy of human diseases" and "Perspective of laboratory medicine". 

Maria Matveeva specializes in obesity and chronic non-infectious diseases, develops an early algorithm for diagnosis and prevention of sarcopenia at different age periods in obesity and diabetes mellitus, studies pharmacokinetic features of the action of sugar-reducing drugs.

Tatiana Saprina is a specialist in the study of metabolic disorders in diabetes mellitus, obesity, metabolic syndrome, hyperparathyroidism, oncoendocrinology, and leads a number of scientific projects in endocrinology. 

Olga Fedorova is engaged in epidemiology of allergic diseases in children, food allergy, epidemiology of trematodoses, molecular allergology, studies the role of microbiotic factors in the development of allergic diseases, conducts a number of scientific projects in this field.