Russia to simplify rules of stay in the country for foreign students

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has decided to simplify the stay of foreign students in Russia, creating for them a special legal regime - a temporary residence permit for the purpose of education, in particular, they will not be able to get off the register when leaving Russia during training (for example, on vacation).

Today foreigners studying in Russia receive a temporary residence permit on a general basis within the quotas established by the government.

According to the document, a foreigner who has received a temporary residence permit for the purpose of education or RVPO, will be a temporary resident and can be registered both at the place of residence and at the place of stay. In addition, to simplify conditions foreign students are planned to be allowed not to be removed from the registration at the place of residence when leaving Russia during the period of study. 

"Such changes will remove the burden both on the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in terms of receiving the mentioned notifications and entering information into departmental records, and on state educational or state scientific organizations in terms of the implementation of the mandatory requirement to put a foreign student on the migration registration", - says the explanatory note to the project.

The specified category of citizens (foreigners with temporary residence permit) is offered to issue a visa of temporary resident.