Participate, win, and study for free in a Master's program at one of the top universities of Russia!

Developed by Russia’s leading higher education specialists with support from the Ministry of Education and Science and Rossotrudnichestvo

Participation open to all non-Russian citizens

Completely tuition-free

Remote admission: all you need is a computer, Internet access and your knowledge!

Comprehensible and transparent selection criteria

Single-window system: choose any Russian university in your preferred field of study

Participate in competitions on several subject areas and apply to number of universities simultaneously!

Early admission - enroll in a Master's program before everyone else!

Subject areas

 Choose the area of your liking! 


  • 01.04.01 Mathematics
  • 01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
  • 01.04.03 Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling
  • 01.04.04 Applied Mathematics
  • 01.04.05 Statistics
  • 24.04.02 Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • 27.04.03 System Analysis and Management
  • 27.04.07 High Technology and Innovation Economics


  • 16.04.01 Applied Physics
  • 03.04.01 Applied Mathematics and Physics
  • 03.04.02 Physics
  • 11.04.04 Electronics and Nanoelectronics
  • 12.04.03 Photonics and Optical Computing
  • 12.04.04 Biotechnical Systems and Technologies
  • 12.04.05 Laser Engineering and Laser Technologies
  • 14.04.02 Nuclear Physics and Technologies
  • 16.04.02 High-technology Plasma and Power Systems
  • 22.04.01 Materials Science and Materials Technology

Computer Science

  • 09.04.01 Computer Science and Engineering
  • 09.04.02 Information Systems and Technologies
  • 09.04.03 Applied Computer Science
  • 09.04.04 Software Engineering
  • 10.04.01 Information Security
  • 11.04.02 Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems
  • 12.04.01 Instrumentation Technology
  • 15.04.06 Mechatronics and Robotics
  • 27.04.04 Technical Systems Management
  • 45.04.04 Intelligent Systems in Humanities


  • 38.04.01 Economics
  • 38.04.02 Management
  • 38.04.08 Finance and Credit

Who can participate?

  • Foreign citizens;
  • Stateless people;
  • Russian citizens who live abroad;

who already have a Bachelor’s degree or are completing their Bachelor’s education in 2018

Winners and Prize-winners

What’s in it for you?

Early admission and tuition-free education on a Master’s program of your choice at one of the top universities in Russia and the world

Structure of the Competition


Qualifying round: portfolio contest

December 1, 2017 - February 16 2018
Participation is open to everyone

 Registration opens on November 15th! Portfolios can be uploaded starting on December 1. 


Final round: online test

March 5 to March 30, 2018.
Participation is open to winners of the portfolio contest.

How are the winners determined?

Find out if you’ve won

The lists of winners and award winners are published on this website. Results can also be found on participants’ personal pages on the competition website.


Participants who’ve successfully passed the two rounds and whose overall score gets them into the top 5% of the ranked list of participants are considered Winners.

Award winners

Participants who’ve successfully passed the two rounds and whose overall score gets them into the top 25% of the ranked list of participants are considered Award winners.

Why Study in Russia

The best Russian universities are included in Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE), QS World University Rankings and Academic Ranking of World Universities

21 leading Russian universities participate in Project 5-100, which aims to increase their positions on the global research and education market
21 Nobel Prize winners teach and more than 360,000 students study in these universities.

Russian education is amongst the most excellent in the world

Send an online application to several universities at the same time

Choose from more than 500 universities in 80 Russian cities

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1What are Subject areas?

They are fields of knowledge that cover groups of program tracks a Master’s student can follow.

2What do I do if I win?

First, choose a program track in the subject area that you are a winner in. Then, pick a university (or several) that offer programs in this track.

3In which language will I study?

  •  having proved your adequate command of English language, you can study on a program in English that corresponds to your chosen subject area and program track;
  •  having proved your adequate command of Russian language, you can study on a program in Russian that corresponds to your chosen subject area and program track;
  •  in the event that you need to improve your Russian, you will be enrolled at a university's preparatory department. You will be guaranteed a position in a program in Russian that corresponds to your chosen subject area and program track.

4Will I have to pay my tuition?

No, it will be paid for with funds from the the federal budget. You only have to pay for your travel expenses, rent, insurance and personal expenses.

5Will I have to pay back for my education after I graduate?


6Can I be refused free tuition after I win?

If you meet the selection criteria and provide the necessary information and documents in a timely manner, you will be accepted for free tuition.

7Do I need to take any entrance exams at the University?

No, if you get through the competition stage, you can enroll in a university without passing entrance exams.

8Can I get into any program I want?

You can enroll in any program within the program track that you chose in your original application form.

9Will I receive a stipend or partial scholarship?

Yes, you will get the same scholarship as Russian students.